Our Impact

Our Impact


Everything we do is driven by a desire to transform local lives. To achieve this, we set three core goals that advance our strategic direction over the next three years (2019-2022) and beyond. Interdependent, all three support and build on one another as we mobilize Charlotte County. (Update strategic priorities are in the works...stay tuned!)

Goal: Engage our Community

Inspiring relationships with our donors, corporate partners and volunteers increases commitment, participation and revenue

To realize our potential we will:

  • Increase array of communication channels to report the results of our work
  • Provide highly personalized experiences so that our donors, corporate partners and volunteers may best utilize their time, talent and treasure

Goal: Create Lasting Value and Impact

Convening our community partners to identify and solve complex social issues

To realize our potential we will:

  • Monitor progress of funded partners and drive evidence-based decision making by utilizing tools to measure success over time
  • Coordinate, align and streamline systems with an intergenerational approach that supports families through all life stages

Goal: Provide Exceptional Leadership

Maintaining public trust and confidence as a high performing organization that is transforming local lives

To realize our potential we will:

  • Ensure appropriate internal capacity and effective processes
  • Utilize technology and community resources to support innovative business operations


Educational Success: Together, our community sets up our children and their parents for success.


Health and Well-being: Together, we’re giving our community the opportunity to be resilient and healthy.

Financial Stability

Financial Stability: Together, our community gives everyone the opportunity to build a better future.