Disaster Relief Funds & Resources

United Way of Charlotte County is here for our community when disaster strikes.

From mobilizing volunteers to help after a natural disaster to collecting and distributing funds to provide direct relief to those in need, we will do all we can to help our community recover.

With your support, we can help rebuild our community and ensure families have access to the resources they need as they get back on their feet.

Relief & Recovery Resources

Resource listing is available HERE.

General Recovery Fund

We are accepting donations* to our Charlotte County Hurricane Recovery Fund to assist residents affected from recent hurricanes by meeting short-term storm-related needs and supporting long-term recovery efforts throughout the county.

***Donations to the general recovery fund will be used to serve a variety of populations across Charlotte County. 

United at Work

UAW logoWe are also accepting donations* to our United at Work fund to support employees of Charlotte County businesses.

***Donations to the United at Work fund were previously matched, up to $500,000, to provide resources for our local workforce.

*If donations exceed disaster relief/recovery needs, remaining funds will be redirected to United Way of Charlotte County programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

United Way of Charlotte County has created a general emergency relief fund to assist impacted community members and support short and long-term recovery efforts.

United Way of Charlotte County has also created a program to help strengthen the local workforce following Hurricane Ian (2022). Lost time and staff turnover due to non-work-related issues experienced by employees directly affects productivity, work quality and therefore, the bottom line. United at Work mobilizes community resources for employees of Charlotte County businesses to encourage financial stability in our community.

Thanks to a generous matching challenge grant from the Elsa & Peter Soderberg Foundation, donations to United at Work were matched dollar for dollar up to $500,000 -- creating a $1,000,000+ pool of resources to get Charlotte County employees on their feet and back to work!

Donations to one of UWCC's disaster relief fund are the fastest and most efficient way to support individuals and families who were impacted by the storm, as well as the community at large. Collection of tangible items is difficult, complicated, and time-consuming. Financial support to established relief organizations is always the most immediate, useful, and versatile way to give. Financial assistance allows relief organizations to meet urgent needs quickly.

And most importantly, check on your neighbors. A friendly smile and a helping hand will go a long way in the days and weeks ahead.

95% of your donation to our general disaster fund will provide relief to those affected by Hurricane Ian in Charlotte County.

United Way of Charlotte County (UWCC) utilizes 5% of all donations to the disaster fund to offset expenses of managing the fund (e.g., staff time, audit expense, reporting requirements, data analysis). This allows UWCC to balance the need to cover expenses for managing the fund while meeting donors’ needs to invest in an organization that can make the greatest impact after a disaster.

100% of funds donated to United at Work will go to provide relief for employees of local businesses, in addition to a dollar-for-dollar match from the Elsa & Peter Soderberg Charitable Foundation.

Funds used for disaster relief assistance will be administered through a process that is thorough but also speedy, similar to the Season of Sharing program. Efficiently vetting disaster relief applications will be our primary focus in the days ahead.

If you are in need of financial assistance due to Hurricane Ian - please submit an application through unitedwayccfl.org/gethelp.

At this time, there are no new grant opportunities for nonprofits related to Hurricane Ian. As new opportunities arise, partner agencies will be notified.

Our United at Work fund is available for employees of Charlotte County businesses, even if the employee does not reside in Charlotte County. For other assistance, please contact your local United Way. If you are unsure who your local United Way is, feel free to give us a call at 941-627-3539.