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  • Promote the success of all children from birth through pre-kindergarten with early literacy and developmental resources
  • Ensure all third grade students read at or above grade-level
  • Identify parental needs to encourage healthy families and positive parenting

Community Goals:

  • Improve outcomes for babies born from mothers who use opioids
  • Improve outcomes for children through age 5 years living in Toxic Stress (TS)
  • Ensure comprehensive community kindergarten plan
  • Increase percentage of Charlotte County students reading at grade level by third grade with ultimate goal of 100%

Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading

The United Way of Charlotte County invests in the education of our children and families through the Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading and is proud to be the lead agency for Charlotte County in this 4 county collaboration.

Community Collaboration:

Partners:  Big Brothers Big Sisters  Boys & Girls Club  SKY Family YMCA


We support child literacy through the Big Reading Buddies and Literacy Buddies Program which focuses on cultivating a lifelong love of reading, while building a foundation for future learning. 

Be Part of Big Reading Buddies Today! Click here for more information.

Be A Literacy Buddy Today!  Click here for your application. Read more here... or please contact Carol Hopkins, Literacy Advisor at or 941-255-1650 x 135.

Educational Success

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