Strategic Priority - SENIORS

group of seniors

Over 40% of Charlotte County's population is aged 65 or over, and boasts the 2nd highest median age of any county in the U.S. A focus on senior issues is greatly needed. United Way of Charlotte County will begin its focus on the following:

  • reducing barriers that isolate seniors from their peers and community

Friendship at Home

Angie Matthiessen presenting check to Senior Friendship Centers

Friendship-At-Home (FAH) is a crisis/supportive intervention, advocacy and connection program that serves frail clients in a crisis and/or relieves isolation and loneliness.

Friendship at Home uses volunteers and community business/agency collaborations to meet the needs of seniors. The program, active in other counties, strives to fill in the gaps where other services fall short. This includes crisis/supportive intervention, such as assisting a client with completing a Season of Sharing application for financial assistance. This program also serves to reduce isolation and loneliness within the senior population by matching volunteers with clients to have scheduled phone calls (Telephone Reassurance) or homevisits (Friendly Visitors).

Senior Engagement Program

Angie Matthiessen presenting check to Homeless Coalition

The agency will coordinate an extensive volunteer program for seniors who are isolated from their peers and the community, enabling them to engage with the community through activities and support.

The Senior Engagement Program is designed to give seniors a social outlet by allowing them to participate in a community effort to feed the hungry. The agency has a Volunteer Coordinator skilled in recruiting the participants, and many different areas in which they can volunteer which ensures the agency has the capacity to allow them to participate.