Put Your Donor Advised Funds to Work

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September 3, 2020

#HalfMyDaf Challenge

Click here to complete you #HalfMyDAF commitment form.

United Way of Charlotte County has learned about a chance for your funding to have a bigger impact than ever through the #HalfMyDAF matching-grant challenge!

Right now, not-for-profits like ours are working harder than ever for those in our community. Meanwhile over $120 BILLION sits unused in Donor Advised Funds and community foundations across the country! Help put these dollars to work NOW. when and where they are needed most with the #HalfMyDAF challenge.  Anyone who makes a grant to UWCC and commits to granting half the money form the DAF before September 30, gives UWCC the chance to win a matching grant of up to $25,000. Please go to www.halfmydaf.com for details and to nominate United Way of Charlotte County.

We'd love you to consider a donation to UWCC which would assist ALICE in your community.

Here’s what to do as a donor:

1. Commit to halving your DAF, and make a grant to United Way of Charlotte County. When you have your grant confirmation, complete your #HalfMyDAF commitment form with the DAF grant confirmations attached. You can use this form as many times as you’d like— just attach each DAF confirmation form. 

2. You have until September 30th to #HalfMyDAF. You can give to any nonprofit and to as many nonprofits as you’d like (but we won’t match funds granted to organizations that promote hate speech, hate crimes, or gun ownership).

3. Have questions? Here’s a FAQ

4. Spread the word. We’ve found that the most engaged donors are those who talk with their friends and family about the causes they’re supporting. Tell them about #HalfMyDAF: the more people who accept the challenge, the more money goes to help those in need.