Please join us for The Hands Free Gala on March 25 (or before)

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March 19,2020

The United Way of Charlotte County Hands Free Gala supports our mission and work responding to COVID-19 with our Community Collaborations, Season of Sharing and Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program -- as a community, we are all mobilizing to help ALICE and will continue to do so.



















What would you normally spend on an event ticket, the perfect outfit, parking, babysitter?

Hold that number in your head, because you're not going to believe this.

There is no gala. That's right

*No need to save the date
*No tickets
*No venue
*No worry about what you'll wear
*No need for a babysitter
*No need for transportation or parking
*No attendance required (or possible)


I know what you’re thinking…WHY? To help those experiencing financial hardships due to COVID-19. Please, let's not close our doors or hearts on ALICE.


                  ALICE…and the devastating impact Coronavirus is spreading throughout Charlotte County.


ALICE (Asset, Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) represents those in our community who on a regular basis work pay check to pay check. ALICE is hurting and will continue hurting through this difficult time. We are in the midst of a very scary time for our neighbor ALICE. This is our time to ensure our community, with our ALICE population most at-heart are heard by those who sometimes forget the Community Collaborations that pick up the pieces of shattered lives and help people put them back together again. What we are currently experiencing because of a health pandemic... fear, loss of connections, loss of resources and lack of security... that is what ALICE faces daily.  Click here to learn more about the ALICE population.


Stay home, enjoy your family, support our neighbors online in Charlotte County with The Hands Free Gala.

The need is there. The help is there. All that's missing is your contribution.


Remember that number you’re holding in your head.

On March 25 (or before)



Just move that number from your head to your heart. Just give online and stay home. (Or vice versa).


Our vulnerable residents need us now more than ever. Many will go without much needed services. Community is the heart of everything we do. In times like this, philanthropy can shine.  Change doesn't happen alone. We need everyone to care. Please care. Please share. Please make your gift today


Thank you so much for not coming.