Accountability Partners in the New Year

Annual Lunch Celebrates Women Supporting Women

by Angie Matthiessen, Executive Director – United Way of Charlotte County

It’s a new year, a new YOU!

Isn’t that what all the latest commercials are telling us? We need a gym membership, or a Peloton (to be fair, I would highly recommend the Peloton), a new wardrobe, a new career goal, a new life goal. Even the best of us have areas of our life where we would like to improve or change.

But how many of us have bought the proverbial (or literal) gym membership, only to slip back into our former habits within a few weeks? Experts say the number one way to hang onto those New Year’s resolutions is by having an accountability partner.

Women United, an affinity group of United Way of Charlotte County, brings altruistic women together to improve local lives. Their mission is empowering women in the areas of education, financial stability and wellness. They can be seen as an accountability partner to other women in Charlotte County.

Regardless of your New Year’s resolution, ladies, Women United is here to help!

Since 2020, Women United members have focused their efforts on the mothers from Kids Thrive’s Circle of Parents peer support group. A mother’s goal, no matter the time of year, is always to raise healthy children. Women United has supported this goal for Circle of Parents mothers through numerous activities and events. They have helped with common things that moms struggle with:  preparing healthy meals on a budget, goal setting and planning, and even how to stay fashionable with a toddler attached to your ankle.

We honor the women who reflect on the lessons they have learned in their lives and take the time to share these experiences with younger women who are just starting out on their journey of motherhood.

Annually, we come together to celebrate each other but also to specifically honor two women in Charlotte County.

We select a Woman of Distinction. This award reflects the importance of a woman who is contributing boldly to her community in the areas of education, financial stability and wellness. A woman who leads with purpose and boldness deserves to be recognized.

We also select a Woman of Courage. This woman is facing challenges with resilience, and overcoming adversity with determination, perseverance and strength to reach her goals and dreams.

These ladies lead the way for a brighter future for themselves, their family and their community. Women United, collectively, leads with the same intention. 

We invite you to join us for our annual Women United lunch at 11 a.m. on January 25 at Carmelo’s Ristorante where we will announce the recipients of these two awards. The event will also feature Keynote Speaker Victoria Scanlon, CEO of Charlotte Behavioral Health Care. At this event you can learn more about becoming an accountability partner through Women United or link up with other women who can share their wisdom as it relates to your own life.

Admission to the event, which includes a fabulous lunch prepared by Carmelo’s, is $50. You can also choose to sponsor the admission for a Kids Thrive mom for the same cost. Other sponsorship opportunities are still available as well. For more details and to purchase tickets, please visit

For more information about United Way of Charlotte County’s mission:  Mobilizing the power of our community to break the cycle of poverty, please contact Angie Matthiessen, Executive Director. She can be reached at