New Board Members welcomed at the Campaign Celebration!

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One could not help sensing the camaraderie of those gathered, with smiles and applause, as highlights were shared from the various program achievements of the past year.

Harvey Goldberg, UWCC Board President, considered it his honor and privilege to be at the gathering.  “We have much to be thankful for, and the “we” extends to everyone here- donors, staff, volunteers, and board members.  We all have made a choice to bring positive change in the quality of the lives of the people we serve.” Harvey welcomed and introduced five new board members:

Dr. JJoe Bender, DMD Panther Hollow Dental Lodgeoe Bender, DMD, Panther hollow Dental Lodge states, "Through my participation in the community impact panels, I realized that nearly half of the residents of Charlotte County are categorized as ALICE. These hard working individuals are hanging on by a thread. They truly are in need of the services that United Way is funding. Through the efforts of United Way and their partnerships we can provide a safety net for these individuals so they and their children can reach their potential"


"I’ve lived in Charlotte County 15 years, been involved in numerous non-profit organizations and have always been amazed by the people of Charlotte County. The evening of the Campaign Celebration, the room was full of these incredible people representing so many generous agencies who touch so many in our community. I am honored and thrilled to be part of an organization that supports these agencies and has such a sweeping impact across our County." says Marcia Cullinan, Michael Saunders Realty.


Steve Curasco, Peace River Distributing shares, "My first experience with UWCC was through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program. Seeing first hand how impactful our work was to those we served inspired me to want to do even more. I was drawn to UWCC because I believe in their mission and the people who are executing it every day."


"I really enjoyed being around others that are so passionate about United Way and hearing their stories of why they continue to stay involved." says Caryn Huff-Sufferling of Wharton-Smith Construction, Inc. "As someone who is so highly blessed, I feel that it is both an obligation and a pleasure to give back to this great community, "To whom much is given, much is required (Luke 12:48)" particularly to help the less fortunate."


Cara Reynolds from the Charlotte County School Board shares her passion, "The United Way of Charlotte County has made getting all our students in our schools reading at grade level a priority through joining the Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading. As a former language arts teacher, literacy is close to my heart and I am excited to work with a group committed to helping our students."