Leadership Donors

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2015-2016 Leadership Circle

We sincerely thank each and every one of our contributors. It is through their support that the United Way of Charlotte County is able to provide quality services to our community. Leadership donors extend a very personal and powerful commitment to making a difference in Charlotte County.

Alexis de Tocqueville Society ($10,000 + )

Named for the young Frenchman, who in the early 1800's traveled throughout the country and wrote in admiration of the American spirit of voluntary effort and philanthropy for the common good. Local members of the Society demonstrate the highest level of individual support for the United Way through their annual contributions of $10,000 or more.

Alvin Gould
Linda Brunini Formica and Mark Formica
Howard Jenkins
Keel Club Admiral ($5,000 + )
David Cox
H. Michael Garcia
Robert and Janet Wenzel

Keel Club Commodore ($2,500 - $4,999)

Lynn Armbrecht  
Dr. Joseph and Pam Bender
Thomas E. Cappiello            
Mr. & Mrs. Carleton Haswell
JoAnn Helphenstine        
Donald C. Hintz    
Kyle McLaughlin  
Robert C. Peterson             
Macie Pickens     
Raymond Sandrock             
Jim and Kathy Silverberg   
John and Sarah Singer        
Steven Vito

Keel Club Captain ($1,500 - $2,499)

Pat Amberg
Dr. Jerome Cohen
Fredric Cort and Carol Ryan
Frank Eldred
Robert R. Giordano
R. Alan and Bonnie Holbach
Lon Jones
Ruthanne McDaniel
Jerry and Michelle Reed
Dane Register
W. Kevin Russell
Heather Sanborn
Ron Struthers
William G. Truex
David and Kay Wagner
Chris and Elizabeth Wenzel

Keel Club Commander ($1,000 - $1,499)

Dr. and Mrs. Adhinarayanan
Dewey Atchison
Todd Baird
Judi E. Beaumont
Cody Booth
Chuck Breiner
Mr. and Mrs. William Brown
Michelle Budin
Bradley Bush
Janice Buth
Ken and Pat Cargill
Michele Carpenter
Zachary Carril
David Daniel
Austin Dodd
Fay A. Donaghy
Roger Eaton
Michael Edlin
Deborah Fitzgerald
Joseph Foster
Bill M. French
James Frost
Laura Gerber
Jason Green
Jared L. Hartman
Kory Hawkins
Crystal Hess
David J. Higginbotham
Brad Jaros
Scott Kiesel
Charles Koons
Benjamin Laps
Sonya Lawman
Susan Leeman
Frank and Jill Leggio
Cynthia M. Leon
Douglas H. Lowndes
Jeffrey Malanowski
Jarrett Malanowski
Dawn Marx
Julie C. Mathis
Donald W McDonough
Tori K. Millican
Samantha O'Bannon
Lawrence O'Day
Shelly Oleary
Jorge Padron
Joseph Paul Payette
Jennifer Pennacchi
Stephen Pennacchi
Rebecca A. Register
Thomas and Linda Rice
Bobby Rich
Alfredo Rivera
Jay Roughton
Mark Royer
David T. Rusch
Shannon Schwindt
Robert and Sue Sifrit
Eleanor Skinner
Zachary A. Steinfath
Judith Stevenson
Chris Stoddard
Cody Stone
Berkley Sturtevant
Joe and Kim Taylor
Thomas Tessier
Roger and Linda Tetrault
Marcus Tobolski
Lauri Tremblay
William Upton
Autumn L. Voigt
Jessica Volk
Mike and Kara Vulgamore
Topher Webster
Dr. Doug Whitaker
Laura L. Williams
Tearshea L. Williams
Laurie A. Wilson
Dr. Denis Wright
Samantha Zimmerman

Keel Club Lieutenant ($750 - $999)

Jean Barnes
Janet L. Campbell
Wai Choi
Brooke E Dixon
Nadeen A Harris
Howard Kunik
Leonard Lesaltato
Curt and Doris Mayer
James Michel
COL. and Mrs. Robert Neitzke
Igor B. Osypenko

Keel Club Midshipman ($500 - $749)

Steve Adams
Carrie R. Aissaoui
Jeff Allerman
Shelbie Ammirati
Mr. and Mrs. Bartell
June S. Baumhardt
Frank Bellina
Ricky A. Bethune
Stacy L. Bidwell
Jason Bolton
Yajaira Browning
Maria C. Budai
Norbert Bulicsek
Christine Burke
Laurence N. Butler
Peter M. Campo
Victoria Carpenter
Dana Carr
Stephen F. Curasco
Jeremy Davis
Franklin Depaul
Jeanette Deptula
Julian Derose
Christine Dote
James Ellsworth
Paige Escarmant
Jane Faber
Kyle R. Felch
Lorraine H. Fenton
Joseph A. Fiorillo
Seamas D. Flagg
Debrah Forester
Jordan A. Francoletti
Marvin A Franklin
Lynda K. Freas
Jane S. Frederick
Amy Furlow
Katrin Gerow
Jerrine M. Goff
Lore Greshko
Eric P. Guelfi
Daniel J. Halaby
Ronald P. Harrington
Angela Hogan
Aaliyah Koch
Janice M. Koontz
Garry Koontz
Mike L Laidler
Frank Leontitsis
Emily Lewis
Kelli L. Lichtenberg
Thomas and Dee Little
William L. Little
Jason Lucas
Dawn Maheu
David and Carolyn McBride
Thomas G. McRae Jr
Justin Medina
Maryann Mize
Kelli M Mooney
Martin J. Moran
Travis Mortimer
Greg A. Moseley
Frank and Linda Muller
Kayla N. Nelson
Leo R. Nikula
Joel M. Nutter
Michelle Olson
Nicole Palumbo
Lucienne Pears
Deidra L. Pearse
Travis Perdue
Janet E. Perez
Daniel Phillips
Sarah Plummer
Nick Prentzel
John S. Randazzo
Sean M. Reese
Edward Reid
Jessica E. Rinehart
Ashley Roberts
Billy J. Robertson
Deborah Roehm
Eric J. Schneider
Barbara T. Scott
Matthew Stancil
Kevin Stone
Dianne S. Sullivan
Drew Thompson
Sandy Uhlir
Kailee Virgilio
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wagoner
Valerie Walsh
Bridget S. Washington
Dick and Marge Whitney
Philip Wickstrom
William and Linda Wood