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December 17, 2019

Afternoon at Worden Farm

Earlier this month, Executive Director Angie Matthiessen invited a very special group to Worden Farm. These young women are working hard to build a better life for their babies and families. With the hospitality and generosity of Chris and Eva Worden, everyone was able to take some fresh vegetables home.  This Circle of Parents, part of the Kids Thrive Collaborative enjoyed a meal and hope to plan a future book club at the farm. 

It was a wonderful afternoon and one mom said, "Today I went to Worden Farms with my circle of parents group!!! Absolutely amazing huge organic veggies & we all got a big free bag of amazing veggies too. Absolutely amazing & I had such a great time! I love hanging out with my circle of parents group!!! I brought home veggies I had never even heard of I can not wait to learn how to make/prepare some of this stuff!!!. Big thanks to Worden Farms & the kids thrive collaborative for making this possible."

Another mom shared, "Thank you so much for this opportunity Angie! The girls loved the farm experience and meeting you and Eva. They were all excited to check out recipies for their veggies.  They are looking forward to next time.  We are thinking of maybe doing our book group at the picnic tables at the farm if that is ok."