DIY Volunteer Projects

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September 16, 2020

These are some simple ways to help.

I recently heard someone say that people do better under stress if they are needed.  Let me assure you now, that you are needed.  There are so many people in our community that are isolated, and lonely. When you have completed your projects, please call United Way of Charlotte County 941-627-3539 for our office hours. We work with several agencies and programs in Charlotte County to ensure that your project will go to where they are most needed. We appreciate you and especially thank you for taking your time to give back...

Children's Masks

Let's face it, our kids require masks for school but they often forget then or lose them. For those who wish to make masks, you can find multi-sized mask patterns by clicking here. Or if you prefer click here for a slightly modified pattern for children. (Please note that if the pattern has printed true-tosize, the lower edge should be 5.25 inches in length.) They must be clean, new, with kid-friendly patterns and colors. Items can be placed in a plastic bag and dropped off at our UWCC office. 

Write a Letter to a Senior

There are so many of our seniors that have not seen their families in months.  Letters will be delivered to our local nursing homes. Tell them about yourself, make a joke or a riddle and let them know you are thinking of them. Please do send any "Get Well" messages as many people receiving the letters are not necessarily ill...just in need of a smile. Send your letter to UWCC and we will deliverered for you. 

Messages to Teachers

We love Charlotte County Teachers! They are going through their own challenges right now so any messages of appreciation and encouragment will be shared with our local teachers. Click here to fill out this simple form.


Color a smile for someone special and it will be distributed to our senior citizens, law enforcement and anyone in need of a smile.  You can use your own coloring pages or use one of ours! (no glitter or glue please)  At the Beach Bee Mine Please send to our UWCC office.

Pet Food

Many times our seniors on a fixed income give their own precious food to feed their pets. These pets are sometimes the only companions that they have so it is import that we support our community's ability to ensure health and well-being for all residents, but especially those most vulnerable.  Pet food will be distributed to Suncoast Humane Society for Senior Friendship Center. These project is best done with a supportive group. All pet food is appreciated and can be dropped off at our UWCC office. 

Holiday Greeting Cards

Seniors often have little or no nearby family support and the holidays are anything but joyful. As an added stressor this year, clients have had to endure the additional hardship of social isolation due to COVID-19 safety precautions. Volunteers are asked to supply and write a cheerful note in a holiday greeting card.  Please forward your completed cards to the UWCC office for distribution.

Gift Packages

Many facilities are able to provide their clients with home-delivered meals during this time, help to keep them safely out of crowded grocery stores. We would like to provide our seniors with a little holiday cheer as well as much needed supplies which may be the only gift they receive during the holidays. We are requesting donations of everyday essentials such as new/unused personal care and household cleaning supplies, games/activities, stationery/writing instruments, stamps etc....  Please deliver to UWCC.