Community Impact Panels

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2018 Community Impact Panels

Thank you to all of our volunteers

The Community Impact Panels are the cornerstone of our United Way, ensuring fiscal and program accountability for the agencies receiving United Way of Charlotte County funds while meeting the needs of our community identified in the Charlotte County Community Needs Assessment and the ALICE report. In the process, volunteers examine each agency’s effectiveness at providing services, review the need for those services, and analyze the impact of United Way funding in meeting those needs.
This year, 120 volunteers from throughout the community participated in the panels. The panelists were divided into twelve groups who attended a training, reviewed the 2018-2019 grant applications submitted by the agencies, visited their assigned agencies, and participated in a post site meeting where the agencies presented their programs to the team. The team members then scored the agencies through an objective process. These recommendations are presented to the United Way Board of Directors for approval.


Listed below are some comments from our volunteers, showcasing the value of their experience from their perspective:

  • I have learned so much; personally and professionally. Love United Way, Thank you!
  • Honored to be involved - have learned so much of United Way and community mission.
  • Crucial and necessary! Couldn't do the analysis process without it....this is important to put the pieces of the puzzle together to make good decisions about funding.
  • Thank you for the opportunity. Lesson on poverty was very good.
  • Participating on the impact panel energizes me to participate in United Way events. Wonderful insight into the organization. Charlotte County is blessed to have such passionate people working for the non profits that serve our county.
  • I consider this program to be one of the most important for our county.
  • Very good explanation and preparation. United Way makes this a very smooth process - concise, relevant, organized.
  • It's important to know whats going on in Charlotte County with non-profit agencies and where tax dollars and contributions are going.
  • This is extremely educational, it teaches so much about our community, its agencies and the United Way.
  • Loved learning about these worthy non-profits.
  • You all do such an impressive job of organizing and preparing for this event, you have it down to a science
  • Have a much better understanding of how United Way benefits the community and a better understanding of the services provided by the organizations it supports.

2018 Community Impact Volunteers

We would like to thank the following Community Impact Panel Volunteers for their time, commitment and focus.

Dr. Adhinarayan

Richard Allen

Pat Amberg

Major Michael Anderson

Faezeh Andrews

Teri Ashley

Wendy Atkinson

Ceres Austria

Judi Beaumont

Judge Peter Bell

Joseph Bender

Justin Brand

Sammie Brooks

Jessica Burrows

Keith Callaghan

Jessica Cantwell

Kristin Cardona

Jason Ciaschini

Fred Cort

Susan Craig

Marcia Cullinan

Stephen Curasco

Nancy Cwynar

Sandra Darna

Shannon Doolity

Roger Eaton

Kendall Ellingson

James Ellsworth

Gabriele Extejt

Jim Finch

Debbie Fitzgerald

Jared Forma

Lynda Freas

Bradford Gamblin

Erin Gant

Justin Gerow

Katrin Gerow

Betty Gissendanner

Harvey Goldberg

Shelli Green

Liz Green

Patti Guerzo

Debbie Harrington

Carlton Haswell

Bill Hawley

Kristy Holmes

Bevin Holzschuh

Linda Howard

Dianne Ingman

Evelyn Jimenez

Polly Johnson

Stacy Jones

Peter Keating

Marie LaBrosse

Sonya Lawman

Rob Lee

Frank Leontitsis

Carrie Leontitsis

Tom Little

Kim Lovejoy Ross

Stephanie Lucy

Toby Lynn

Kim Maddy

Ashley Maher

Mike Martin

Alexia Martin

Julie Mathis

Maura Matzko

Lindsey McKelvy

Sean McLaughlin

Deborah McMullen

Sheila Meeks

Nicole Mott

Dianne Munson

Kathy Nash

Nick Nemec

Dawn Nolan

Vanessa Grant Oliver

Lucienne Pears

Allison Pederson

Marie Peleck

Bob Peterson

Cara Reynolds

Tom Rice

Kathy Robinson

Jay Roughton

Shawna Ross

Kevin Russell

Lauren Schmidt

Sue Sifrit

Jim Silverberg

Kathy Silverberg

Anne Simpson

Marilyn Smith-Mooney

Jan Stephens

Larry Stewart

Jane Sturges

Eve Sweeting

Connie Thrasher

Ron Tipton

JoAnn Tompkins

Dianne Tufts

Sandie Uhlir

Leah Valenti

Nancy Vollmer

Geri Waksler

Pyllis Walker

Patrice Weston

Bob White

Dick & Marge Whitney

Phil Wickstrom

Randy Williams

Judith Wilson

Linda Wilson

William Wood

Nicholas Worden

Dr. Denis Wright