Patience and Grace

A VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) program update! 

The 2021 tax season was United Way of Charlotte County's 8th year of  preparing taxes in our community.  While it was a challenging pandemic year, our team felt the show must go on! 33 Volunteers from all over Charlotte County served week in and week out from February through May for 2547 volunteer hours serving our clients for free! 

Many volunteers faithfully served our community this year by providing free tax assistance.Marcia

There were “old faithfuls”, not necessarily old, but they’ve been with us for many years and can be faithfully counted on year after year. They include people like: Fran, Wayne, Emil, Kate, Karen, Harvey, Jenny, Jim E., Marianne, Ann & Steve, and Steve C.

Specific people have stepped up and into leadership roles this year. Harvey, Emil and Wayne stepped up, leading their site and overseeing every filing through to the end.

Several people also wore many hats, and different hats. They served in multiple locations and often multiple times in one week. Those like: Karen, Ethel, Joann, Jim G., Lorie, and Wayne.

We had a tremendous group of “newbies” who jumped right in and were outstanding, like: Laura, Pam, Katherine and Dennis, David, Kathy, Kaitlin, Margo, and Monica. And let’s not forget Nadia! She was also a newbie and pulled us all together and made certain we had the tools we needed every single day.

Everyone showed Patience and GRACE.

Thank you for another great year serving our community.

Warm Regards – Marcia, UWCC Board Member

Marica M. Culliman, Realtor Michael Saunders & CO.

My Perspective

Harvey“VITA 2021 was an amazing year to say the least. The challenges of functioning within the safety protocols of COVID-19 forced us to operate out of all new locations utilizing a number of creative processes and work arrangements to provide a safe operating environment for clients and volunteers alike.  The unselfish effort, dedication and can-do spirit by all volunteers and United Way staff to serve our clients was nothing short of sensational!!  I am so very proud to have been a part this fantastic team!”

Harvey Goldberg

UWCC Board Member and Punta Gorda YMCA VITA Site Coordinator



VITA Family Cares About YouNadia

VITA volunteers truly care.  It became obvious to me as soon as I started working with volunteers personally.  Being part of VITA is being part of a big family that takes care of the community and is dedicated to helping those in need.  The positive and encouraging client survey results we received from each location speaks about the great impact VITA has in the community.  It is safe to say that many people may not have had their taxes done if not for the VITA program.  We have clients of different ages who come from different walks of life, and it is even more rewarding when we learn their story.  I am truly happy to be part of United Way VITA program. 

Nadia Demyanovskiy

Thank you to our VITA Sponsor