United Way of Charlotte County Disaster Recovery Guide

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When a Crisis Strikes

Living through a major crisis produces many different types of feelings. You may feel
anxiety, depression, confusion and tension. These feelings may cause a breakdown in
our usual coping mechanisms. You may find it hard to function, behave in unexpected
ways or have trouble making decisions.
Although a crisis can result in a sense of anxiety, pain or hopelessness that makes it hard
to cope, these same feelings can serve as motivation to look for help and develop new
coping mechanisms.

That’s where this guide comes in…we hope you will use it to guide your steps as you
begin the rebuilding process.

Click here for the UWCC Disaster Recovery Guide.


Irma Survivors how to apply for help. FEMA Assistance, Hurricane Food Packages, Unemployment Assistance, Medicaid, etc...

Click here for more assistance resources. 

However, we have been advised that there may not be anymore Hurricane Irma food assistance here in Charlotte County.