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2018 Together Charlotte Housing Report - Executive Summary (August 2018)

2018 Together Charlotte Housing Report (August 2018)

A Community Framework for Action for Health & Human Services in Charlotte County (December 2016)

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We envision a safe, healthy, educated and vibrant community where individuals, families and organizations are encouraged, engaged, and empowered to actively participate in achieving financial stability and in creating a sustainable quality of life for all.

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Charlotte County has a variety of health and human services available to serve a very diverse population. Concern has been expressed, over the years, regarding the accessibility, affordability and availability of the services to meet the needs of our residents. There have been several efforts to address these issues, including the conduct of community assessments and the development of action plans. However, the plans and actions have not been coordinated to maximize use of our community resources.

Recognizing the need for a more coordinated and connected delivery of health and human services, key community leaders came together to discuss possibilities to unite the community in an initiative to improve the delivery system. Information gathered through a survey established a baseline for the stakeholders’ discussions of various topics. In addition, this group examined multiple agency plans and identified alignment gaps among them.

Representatives from Charlotte County Government, United Way of Charlotte County, Community Foundation of Charlotte County, Department Health-Charlotte County, Charlotte Behavioral Health Care as well as community volunteers met for several months, examined previous efforts and plans and discussed strategies for employing a unified community effort to address the inadequacies and challenges in meeting the health and human services’ needs. The result of this work was the formation of Together Charlotte, with the aim of promoting collaboration and aligning health and human services to improve our community.

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