2017-2018 Campaign Sponsorship Opportunities

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Bold and United Campaign

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Greetings community partners,

As we gear up for another campaign year, we are excited to share that we are boldly engaging in our mission
of eliminating poverty. From raising $1,358,000 last year to serving the community with impactful programs like
Season of Sharing and VITA, a free tax assistance program for Charlotte County folks, we now begin telling the
story of our newly formed collaborations - agencies that are working together for the first time in a new and fresh
way. Guided by BOLD GOALS that will eliminate poverty for our friends, neighbors and co-workers, these are vital
investments that breathe life into a strong, sustainable community.

We are leading this effort and we need you with us. This is a business move that will create a return on your
As we focus on creating more financially stable families who are increasing their health, wellness, and
literacy along with ending chronic homelessness, we thank you for investing in your community through the United
Way of Charlotte County campaign and being a valuable part of this unfolding success story.

Your UWCC Board of Directors


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